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Alan Owens

London, 44 (20) 79204162
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Alan Owens is an international commercial litigator and liability adviser for public and private companies, banks, liquidators and senior individuals in relation to a variety of claims (including but not limited to regulatory and internal investigations, associated civil claims and complex financial and contractual disputes). He has coordinated representation for clients in many different jurisdictions and in diverse formats, including litigation, investigations and enforcement actions by various agencies and international arbitration in the UK, EU, Japan and the US.

Chambers describes Mr. Owens as being a "first-rate, highly intelligent" and "conscientious" lawyer with strong "commercial judgement."  Chambers also refers to Mr. Owens as "very smart", "dedicated to the client" and "a good strategist."

Mr. Owens is a frequent commentator on the practice of law, and the interaction of private remedies, public policy and the scope of regulation, particularly in price fixing and cartel claims. He is also a contributing author to the key UK litigation texts, Blackstone's Civil Practice (Oxford University Press) and Civil Court Service (Jordan Publishers) and an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.