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The MoFo Tech magazine and blog looks behind the headlines to explore the trends, identify the opportunities, analyze the issues, and provide guidance for science and technology-based companies. We believe our work on behalf of these clients provides us with a unique perspective that we can — and should — share broadly. Written by noted technology journalists and based on interviews with Morrison & Foerster attorneys, MoFo Tech features crisp news items, lively infographics, and in-depth features on topics such as cross-border litigation, patent acquisitions, M&A and IPOs, FCPA, cleantech, life sciences and medical devices, privacy and data collection, and myriad other subjects.

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Current Issue

MoFo Tech Fall/Winter 2014
Fall/Winter 2014



Past Issues

MoFo Tech - Spring Summer 2014
Spring/Summer 2014

MoFo Tech - Fall Winter 2013
Fall/Winter 2013

  MoFo Tech - Spring Summer 2013
Spring/Summer 2013

MoFo Tech - Spring Summer 2012
Spring/Summer 2012

  MoFo Tech - Fall Winter 2012
Fall/Winter 2012

MoFo Tech - Spring Summer 2011
Spring/Summer 2011

  MoFo Tech - Fall Winter 2011
Fall/Winter 2011

MoFo Tech - Life Sciences 2011
Life Sciences 2011

  MoFo Tech - Fall Winter 2010
Fall/Winter 2010

MoFo Tech - Cloud Edition 2010
Cloud Edition 2010

  MoFo Tech - Spring Summer 2010
Spring/Summer 2010

MoFo Tech - IPO Field Guide 2010
2010 IPO Field Guide

  MoFo Tech - Fall Winter 2009
Fall/Winter 2009

MoFo Tech - Spring Summer 2009
Spring/Summer 2009



MoFo Tech has been recognized as one of the best specialty publications of its kind, and is one of the only magazines to focus on the intersection of law and technology. The Custom Publishing Council bestowed its Pearl Award on the magazine for five years running (2009-13), including naming it "Best New Magazine" with a circulation under 25,000, and "Best Overall Editorial" with a circulation under 50,000.

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