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Just because you don't have flash, doesn't mean you should miss out on learning about our MoFo history.  Here are some highlights:
  • 1883:  Alexander Morrison founds the firm in San Francisco, a city built and sustained by entrepreneurs, to practice "principally in the line of corporation business."
  • 1967:  Morrison & Foerster is one of the first firms to hire female attorneys.
  • 1980:  The firm goes international with the opening of its London office.
  • 1986:  The Morrison & Foerster Foundation is established to contribute to nonprofit organization in the communities we serve.
  • 1987:  The firm merges with a prominent New York litigation boutique, opens an office in Tokyo where the Japanese economic boom is in full swing, and is the first law firm named on Working Mother magazine's list of Best 100 Companies in America.
  • 1998:  Among the first foreign law firms granted permission to practice in China, Morrison & Foerster opens its Beijing office.
  • 2001:  The firm is selected as international counsel to the Organizing Committee of the Beijing Olympics.
  • 2003:  Jay Leno features the firm on The Tonight Show... "Get me my MoFo lawyer!"
  • 2008:  125th Anniversary of Morrison & Foerster.
  • 2009:  Morrison & Foerster is again named to the BTI Client Service All-Star List.