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Morrison & Foerster lawyers bring their energy to all kinds of pro bono work. As a firm, we have developed special expertise in litigating for civil rights and civil liberties, improving public education for poor children, advocating for veterans, promoting international human rights, winning asylum for the persecuted, and safeguarding the environment. Our business attorneys are leading innovators and advisers in the dynamic field of social entrepreneurship, which is transforming anti-poverty initiatives worldwide. And we actively seek out community partnerships so that our attorneys can help ordinary people get critical legal assistance in times of need. We are proud of our close relationships with public interest legal organizations and legal services providers, who help maximize the impact of our pro bono resources.

We invite you to explore our pro bono commitments through our annual report and newsletters or by subject area below. The pro bono projects presented in these pages give life to our firm's lasting commitment to serve our communities and promote equal access to justice.