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EU Employment Law Webinar: Hiring and Firing

Kay Burgess
+44 20 7920 4067

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Despite the plethora of employment laws emanating from Europe, there are only a few EU-wide rules that relate to the hiring or firing of employees. As a result, the legal approach in each member state can be substantively different and the problems encountered in recruitment or dismissal programs inconsistent across borders. In this webinar, speakers will highlight the key issues and most common challenges facing companies when hiring and firing in the UK, Germany, France and Italy.

Topics Will Include:

  • Background checks during the recruitment process: what can you legally ask an applicant to disclose and what is standard practice?
  • Employment documentation: what do you need to confirm in writing to new hires?
  • Terminating the relationship: the why, how, what and when of notice, severance and relevant procedure, depending on the reason for dismissal.
  • Post-termination: how can you ensure that you have enforceable post-termination restrictions?


  • Ann Bevitt
    Partner, Morrison & Foerster, London (chair)
  • Caroline Stakim
    Associate, Morrison & Foerster, London
  • Patrick Thiébart
    Partner, Jeantet, Paris
  • Hanno Timner
    Partner, Morrison & Foerster, Berlin
  • Marco Dalla Vedova
    Partner, Dalla Vedova Studio Legale, Rome