profile picture of Christine Beliveau

Christine Beliveau

Director of Forensic Accounting Services | San Francisco


Performed an internal investigation of a U.S. public company focusing on accounting for accruals, reserves, and the timing of write-offs.  Interviewed witnesses and other key executives, and interacted with and reported to the audit committee and external auditors. Presented the final results to the SEC.

As part of due diligence procedures, selected high risk transactions and reviewed supporting documents at a Chinese subsidiary of a U.S.-based solar company, which was being acquired by a large European company.

In connection with the acquisition of a Chinese pharmaceutical company by a U.S. company, performed an investigation for compliance with U.S. anti-corruption laws. Performed interviews regarding the business processes and practices followed by the Chinese pharmaceutical company, identified risk areas, and selected transactions for follow-up and for review.

Performed an internal investigation for a Fortune 100 aerospace company, focusing on contract  and program accounting.

Assisted a Fortune 500 company with a restatement relating to the monetary translation of their foreign subsidiaries’ financial statements. Oversaw the determination of the functional currency for each foreign subsidiary and the appropriate translation methodology. Directed the implementation of the changes in functional currency at their foreign subsidiaries.

Led the review of the revenue recognition practices for a Fortune 500 company, resulting in the restatement of three years of financial statements. Assisted the company in quantifying the impact of the accounting errors. Presented the results of the review to the company’s current and former external auditors along with the audit committee.

Led the internal investigation of whistleblower allegations made to the SEC for a Fortune 500 healthcare company. The whistleblower allegations related primarily to revenue recognition and the manipulation of earnings through the use of reserves.

Performed an investigation of the Japanese subsidiary of a Fortune 10 company concerning alleged fraud and misconduct that resulted in a restatement. The investigation was performed in conjunction with the company’s internal audit group and in-house counsel. Conducted numerous interviews of local personnel with the aid of interpreters.