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Represented Nikon respondents in patent investigation involving photolithography systems. (International Trade Commission, 337–TA–1137)

Represented Honda and Fujitsu Ten respondents in patent investigation involving graphics chips. (International Trade Commission, 337–TA–984)

Represented complainant Hitachi Metals, Ltd. in patent investigation involving rare–earth magnets. (International Trade Commission, 337–TA–855)

Represented International Laser Group in patent investigation brought by Canon. The case settled on favorable terms, pursuant to which ILG may continue to sell its remanufactured toner cartridges in the U.S. (International Trade Commission, 337–TA–918)

Represented video game companies Square Enix and Konami in patent litigation involving lip–sync animation. (Central District of California)

(District of Delaware).
Obtained favorable settlement for Konami in litigation involving patents on virtual reality.

Obtained judgment of non–infringement for Mitsubishi in patent litigation involving heat sink assemblies in televisions. (Eastern District of Texas)

Represented Mitsubishi Digital Electronics Inc. in a patent case involving DLP televisions. Judgment was entered in Mitsubishi’s favor after a favorable claim construction and affirmed by Federal Circuit on appeal. (Eastern District of Texas)

Obtained a summary judgment of non–infringement for Capital One shortly after discovery commenced in patent litigation involving online credit card application systems. Also obtained Federal Circuit affirmance. (Eastern District of Virginia)

Obtained favorable settlements for several large media and entertainment companies in patent litigation involving video compression. (Southern District of California)