Blockchain pressMorrison & Foerster attorneys are regularly quoted in the press with regard to Blockchain and Smart Contracts. A sample is below.

INSIGHT: Structuring Secondary Token Sales: How to Monetize Digital Tokens Under U.S. Securities Laws (Bloomberg Law, 9/18/2018)

More Crypto Deals Come With Twist–Equity (Wall Street Journal, 6/19/2018)

DiB Virtual Panel Discussion (Medium, 6/11/2018)

Decade Of Women Honors Top Ten Digital Frontier Women (ICrowd Newswire, 3/20/2018, subscription required)

Japan’s separate rules for crypto could be the answer (International Financial Law Review, 6/7/2018)

Women to Watch In Crypto & Blockchain (BCB Group, 5/31/2018)

Diversity in Blockchain, Inc. Partners with Blockchain for Impact to Lead Best Practices for Diversity in the Industry (Business Wire, 5/31/2018)

CFTC Chair Giancarlo Applauds Operation Cryptosweep. Says “Virtual Currencies and Other Exponential Digital Technologies are Taking Us into a New Era" (Crowdfund Insider, 5/22/2018)

Prominent Cryptocurrency Attorneys Lewis Cohen and Angela Angelovska-Wilson Launch New Law Firm DLx Law (Crowdfund Insider, 5/11/2018)

These ICO Investors Are Getting Their Money Back - And It's Not Clear Why (Coindesk, 5/4/2018)

With Wyoming giving chase, blockchain moves forward in Delaware, in part (Delaware Online, 4/16/2018)

Cryptocurrency's legal tender (SC Magazine, 4/16/2018)

12 Month ICO Freeze Chills The Market (CryptoCoin Mastery, 3/20/2018)

Token Sales for Bankers Recap (LSTA, 3/21/2018)

Treasury May Place Cryptocurrency Addresses on Sanctions List (Wall Street Journal, 3/20/2018)

U.S. Security Exchange Commission cracking down on ICOs (Digital Journal, 3/20/2018)

ICOs Iced: A 12-Month Freeze on US Token Trading Is Just Beginning (CoinDesk, 3/19/2018)

The Lawyers Calling the Shots in the Crypto World (The Information, 2/28/2018)

Venezuela's petro cryptocurrency meets cold reception (Global Capital, 2/22/2018)

Patchwork Crypto Laws Offers ICOs Opportunity, If Not Clarity (Bloomberg Markets, 2/22/2018)

The Taxman Cometh: Tax Reform May Impact Cryptocurrency Trading (Crowdfund Insider, 2/4/2018)

Is Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Investing A Scam? Legal Experts Offer Clarity (International Business Times, 1/20/2018)

Initial Coin Offerings Attract New Audience: Trial Lawyers (Bloomberg Big Law Business, 1/9/2018)

Blockchain Makes New Waves as Law Firms Build Expertise (Bloomberg Big Law Business, 1/9/2018)

A 21st Century “Kodak Moment”: the Kodak and WENN Digital Security Token Sale (Crowdfund Insider, 1/9/2018)

KNO-MO? The Seemingly Small (Yet Actually Chasmic) Gap Between Crypto Knowledge & Crypto Capability (Crowdfund Insider, 1/5/2018)

2017: A Legal Renaissance, Blockchain Style (CoinDesk, 1/7/2018)

Regulatory Heat On ICOs Expected To Intensify In 2018 (Law360, 1/1/2018)

New York Cases To Watch In 2018 (Law360, 1/1/2018)

Singapore has become one of the 'world's centers' for ICOs (CNBC, 12/20/2017)

As bitcoin, digital currencies soar, regulators urge caution using them (Associated Press, 12/14/2017)

Venture Capitalists Warming Up to Cryptocurrency Offerings (The Deal, 12/19/2017)

Digital Coin Offerings Don’t Mask Normal Money-Laundering Risk (Wall Street Journal, 12/19/2017)

Venture Capitalists Warming Up to Cryptocurrency Offerings (The Deal, 12/19/2017)

Food for Thought: SEC Turns Up the Heat on Utility Token Sales (Crowdfund Insider, 12/18/2017)

The U.S. is Unlikely to Ban Token Sales, But ICO Sellers Should be Careful How Sale is Marketed (Bank Innovation, 12/15/2017)

As Bitcoin, other currencies soar, regulators urge caution (Washington Post, 12/14/2017)

Bitcoin abuses: SEC cranks up its crackdown (CBS News, 12/14/2017)

How Crypto And Blockchain Technology Should Be Regulated (Forbes, 12/12/2017)

SEC Gives New Clues in Munchee ICO Action (The Recorder, 12/11/2017)

New step for Bitcoin's wild ride: Futures trading (CNN, 12/10/2017)

Is South Korea Backtracking on ICO Ban? FSC Vice Chair Moderates Stance on Token Offerings as New Task Force is Formed (Crowdfund Insider, 12/10/2017)

Cryptocurrency Exchange BitFlyer Seeks to Connect World’s Largest Bitcoin Investors (Bank Innovation, 12/7/2017)

U.S. SEC halts initial coin offering 'scam' in first action by new cyber unit (Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence,, 12/5/2017)

Four Takeaways from Berkeley’s ICO Conference (The Recorder, 11/30/2017)

The Price of Bitcoin Rockets Past $10,000 – Can the Price of Bitcoin Go Higher? (Crowdfund Insider, 11/29/2017)

Consensus: Invest (Coindesk, 11/28/2017)

Enabling or Crippling? The Risks of State-by-State Blockchain Laws (Coindesk, 11/22/2017)

Not So Fast–Risks Related to the Use of a “SAFT” for Token Sales (Cardozo Blockchain Project, 11/21/2017)

ESMA Comments on ICOs Warning Investors but Draws No Bright Line Guidance on Security Question (Crowdfund Insider, 11/17/2017)

How A 1920s Florida Citrus Land Baron Created The Acid Test For Crypto Tokens (Forbes, 11/14/2017)

The Third Web #1 - Re - Examining The Legality Of ICOs (The Third Web, 11/7/2017)

The Token Sale Sky is Not Falling. Unless We Cause It To. (Crowdfund Insider, 11/5/2017)

Perspective: There are Two Sides to the Initial Coin Offering Debate (Crowdfund Insider, 10/30/2017)

Gibraltar: Does Statement on Initial Coin Offerings Include New Regulatory Framework? (Crowdfund Insider, 10/15/2017)

Following China, South Korea and Russia, Bitcoin Watchers Wary of Future Bans (Legaltech News, 10/11/2017)

The good, the bad and the ugly side of Initial Coin Offerings (Straits Times, 10/04/2017)

Comment on Recent Regulatory Moves by South Korea & Switzerland Regarding ICOs (Crowdfund Insider, 10/1/2017)

Morrison & Foerster Discusses Blockchain and Avoiding a Kodak-Like Downfall (The CLS Blue Sky Blog, 9/26/2017)

Tax Havens Eye a New Sideline: Initial Coin Offerings (Fortune, 9/26/2017)

Even After SEC Guidance, Compliance Blind Spot Remains for Cryptocurrency Trading (Legaltech News, 9/21/2017)

Investors see disruptive platform in energy blockchain startups (S&P Global Market Intelligence, 9/21/2017)

Could Chinese regulators put an end to blockchain assets? (American Banker, 9/20/2017)

Lawyers Discuss 'What's Next' After China Shuts Down Cryptocurrency Exchange (Legaltech News, 9/20/2017)

Why The Delaware Blockchain Initiative Matters To All Dealmakers (Forbes, 9/20/2017)

Legal Guidance on ICOs? Wall Street Blockchain Alliance will Publish Recommendations Soon (Crowdfund Insider, 9/19/2017)

Canada Confirms Tokens May Be Securities and Pacific Coin Is the Test (CoinDesk, 9/17/2017)

China's ICO Crackdown Clouds Efforts At Global Consistency (Law360, 9/12/2017)

How Do Countries Decide How to Regulate Cryptocurrency? (Bank Innovation, 9/12/2017)

Explaining China’s ICO Ban (Bank Innovation, 9/6/2017)

Utility Coins or Crypto Assets? Token Terminology Is One Big Gray Area (CoinDesk, 9/5/2017)

After China, Will Israel Release ICO Guidance Next? (Bank Innovation, 9/5/2017)

China Bans Initial Coin Offerings As Global Oversight Grows (Law360, 9/5/2017)

Settlement coin consortium gets high profile members (GlobalCapital, 8/31/2017)

An International Regulatory Shift Could Tame the Cryptocurrency Market (Legaltech News, 8/31/2017)

SEC Warns Investors About 'Coin Offering' Fraudsters (Law360, 8/29/2017)

Canadian Securities Administrators Caution Public & Issuers on Initial Coin Offerings (Crowdfunder Insider, 8/28/2017)

In Legal, Blockchain Is The New Black (Above The Law; 8/28/2017)

Canadian Securities Administrators Caution Public & Issuers on Initial Coin Offerings (Crowdfund Insider; 8/28/2017)

10 Law Firms Engage With Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (Stock Report; 8/25/2017)

A Seat at the Table: Blockchain Alliance Adds Legal Working Group (; 8/23/2017)

KCN Enterprise Ethereum Alliance EEA focuses on legal matters (KCN News; 8/23/2017)

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Launches Legal Working Group with 14 Law Firms, Schools (Cryptocoins News; 8/15/2017)

Ethereum Technology to Thrive as EEA Adds Legal Industry Support (The Coin Telegraph; 8/15/17)

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Expands Legal Industry Working Group (Bitcoin Magazine; 8/15/2017)

10 law firms join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (The Paypers; 8/15/2017)

MoFo Joins Ethereum Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts Working Group (08/14/2017)

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance launches Legal Industry Working Group (International Business Times; 8/14/2017)

Legally Binding Smart Contracts? 10 Law Firms Join Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (Altcoin Today; 8/14/2017)

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Adds New Members to Legal Industry Working Group (ETH News; 8/14/17)

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Legal Industry Working Group Press Release (8/14/2017)

SEC ruling part 2: The bigger picture (Blockchain Technology News; 8/14/2017)

Attorneys offer perspective on SEC ruling (Blockchain Technology News; 8/7/2017)

Legal Experts: Investors May View SEC’s Statement as Validating ICO’s (Bitcoinist; 8/2/2017)

Legally Binding Smart Contracts? 10 Law Firms Join Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (Coindesk; 8/2/2017)

Which Regulator is Next after SEC Eyes ICOs? (Bank Innovation; 7/31/2017)

When is an ICO a Security? Law Firm Morrison Foerster Responds (Crowdfund Insider; 7/30/2017)

Play by The Rules: Legal Experts Talk ICOs and SEC Warning (The Coin Telegraph; 7/28/2017)

Issuers On Notice After SEC ‘Coin Offering’ Report (Law360; 7/27/2017)

SEC issues guidance on token offerings (Banking Exchange; 7/27/2017)

SEC puts crypto on notice with DAO verdict (Global Capital; 7/27/2017)

LedgerX wins CFTC approval as crypto derivatives come of age (Global Capital; 7/27/2017)

The SEC’s Big Digital Coin Ruling: What It Means (Fortune; 7/26/2017)

‘Digital Assets’ May Need To Be Registered, SEC warns (Law360; 7/25/2017)

Part Two of Two: Practical Ways Private Equity Managers Can Implement and Take Advantage of Blockchain Technology (Private Equity Legal and Compliance Digest; 7/21/2017)

The Blockchain Comes to Washington (MoFo D.C. Download Blog; 06/26/2017)

Part One of Two: Practical Ways Private Equity Managers Can Implement and Take Advantage of Blockchain Technology (Private Equity Legal & Compliance Digest; 6/23/2017)

Why Bitcoin Is Important For Your Business (Forbes; 03/14/2017)

A Rush to Patent the Blockchain is a Sign of the Technology’s Promise (The Economist; 01/14/2017)

2017: Predictions From Socially Aware’s Editors and Contributors (Socially Aware Blog; 01/04/2017)

Blockchain’s Smart Contracts: What’s Smart, What’s Not (FinOps Report; 12/13/2016)

Financial Counsel Prepare for Blockchain Heading Into 2017 (Legaltech News; 12/06/2016)

OPINION: Are Dumb Contracts Better Than Smart Ones? (Markets Media; 12/02/2016)

What’s a Smart Contract? And Why Should Treasurers Care? (Association for Financial Professionals, Inc.; 12/01/2016)

Blockchain Pros Debate 'Looming Challenges' for Smart Contracts (CoinDesk; 11/30/2016)

EU Moves Toward Regulating Virtual Currencies, Blockchain (Law360; 5/26/2016)

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