From the pandemic to cybersecurity threats, to supply chain disruptions, to global financial instability, we have seen crisis after crisis test the resilience of organizations over the past year. Crisis management has long been part of our business vocabulary, but what constitutes a crisis has continued to evolve. While cybersecurity, workplace violence, and executive misconduct remain top of mind for organizations, rising tension and activity in Russia and China and related regulatory risks are also a growing concern.

In 2023, Ethisphere and Morrison Foerster partnered to survey organizations regarding their crisis management processes and procedures and created a global 2023 Crisis Management benchmarking report. The report provides insights into how companies are planning for crises post-pandemic, the risks they face, the ways they have updated or changed their crisis management plans in recent years, and more.

Read our report to learn more about:

• The evolving crisis landscape;

• The new risks organizations are facing;

• Building your crisis management plan; and

• How to best prepare your organization for a crisis.

Download the report.

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