Our affinity group programs for lawyers of color, LGBTQ+, and women lawyers create a strong community and reinforce our culture of inclusion.

Launched in 2008, the programs have expanded to include three dozen affinity groups:

  • Asia LGBTQ+
  • Berlin Women
  • D.C. LGBTQ+
  • D.C. Attorneys and Paralegals of Color
  • D.C. Women
  • Denver Women
  • London/Europe LGBTQ+
  • London Women
  • Los Angeles Asian/Pacific Islander American
  • Los Angeles Black/African American Affinity Group
  • Los Angeles Latina/o Affinity Group
  • Los Angeles LGBTQ+
  • Los Angeles Multicultural
  • Los Angeles Women
  • Los Angeles Working Parents
  • New York Asian Associates
  • New York Asian Women
  • New York Attorneys and Paralegals of Color
  • New York LGBTQ+
  • New York Women
  • Palo Alto LGBTQ+
  • Palo Alto Multicultural
  • Palo Alto Women
  • San Diego Asian American Attorneys and Patent Agents
  • San Diego Women
  • San Diego Working Parents
  • San Francisco Asian Affinity Group
  • San Francisco Black Attorneys
  • San Francisco Latina/o Affinity Group
  • San Francisco LGBTQ+
  • San Francisco Women
  • San Francisco Women of Color
  • San Francisco Working Moms
  • Singapore Women
  • Tokyo Women
  • Veterans

For more information about MoFo’s affinity groups, read our Affinity Group Annual Report.

Affinity Group Events

From networking lunches to movie nights, our affinity groups regularly host events throughout the year. These events allow members to get acquainted with one another in informal settings. Below you'll find some events from the past year.

APA alumni dinner

The New York Asian Associate and New York Asian Women Affinity Groups co-hosted an alumni reunion homecoming dinner for MoFo APA alumni and current APA lawyers at the firm.

London Women Attorneys

MoFo Women London welcomed external speaker Anisha Osman Britton, founder of 23 Code Street, for a night of coding and cocktails in MoFo’s London office.

NoVa and DC Women Attorneys

Over 30 women associates and partners attended a game and trivia night hosted by the D.C. Women’s Group.

New York Asian Associates

The New York Asian Associates Group hosted a dinner celebration in honor of partner sponsor Ko-Yung Tung’s mentorship. Attendees enjoyed a night of good food and karaoke.

NoVa Attorneys - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Northern Virginia associate Shouvik Biswas hosted a Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie viewing and lunch for associates and staff of the D.C./NoVa Attorneys and Paralegals of Color Group.

Los Angeles Women

The Los Angeles Women’s Group held a baby shower for four of the group’s women associates beginning maternity leave.