MoFo has one of the most family-friendly work environments in the legal profession. Since 2014, the firm has made Yale Law Women’s prestigious list of the Top 10 Family Friendly Firms four times, and has also appeared on their inaugural list of Top 10 Female Friendly Firms in 2018. Additionally, MoFo has been on Working Mother’s list of Best Law Firms for Women for nine consecutive years and, in 2019, was named to their Hall of Fame, honoring firms that have appeared on their list 10 or more times.

The secret to these accomplishments?

Robust work-life programs that, in meeting the unique needs of our individual lawyers, create a culture of opportunity.

Work-Life Programs
Work Life Programs

As a firm, MoFo has long recognized that our lawyers have responsibilities outside the firm that need to be supported. Our work culture embraces the flexibility that virtually everyone needs from time to time. But for lawyers who require more permanent arrangements over extended periods, we offer various programs to help these individuals fulfill their critical obligations outside the firm while continuing to support their professional development and contributions within the firm.

These programs include:

  • reduced-hours arrangements
  • hourly compensated arrangements
  • remote work
  • flex-time
  • backup caregiving
15% of U.S. lawyers worked some form of reduced hours in 2019.
44% of the 2020 partner class were women.
17% of the class were working on a reduced-hour schedule prior to election to the partnership.
Parental Leave

Our parental leave policy is one of the most generous in the legal industry. Primary caregivers — regardless of gender — have the opportunity to take up to 20 weeks of paid parental leave following the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child.

Secondary caregivers can take up to six weeks of paid parental leave. Additional baby-bonding time is also available.

As a matter of policy, we automatically grant reduced-hours arrangements to all lawyers who return to work from parental leave.

We also offer “transition time” to assist lawyers’ transition before and after a parental leave.

Support for New Parents

MoFo’s Parents’ Resource List offers new parents a list of lawyers who have offered to speak about their experiences as working parents at the firm. Upon request, attorneys can be paired with a mentor who can be a resource before, during, and after leave.

The Attorney Development Group provides transition coaching to help lawyers prepare for and return from leave. In addition, MoFo provides an e-course through Mindful Return to help prepare them for the return to work.

Lactation Resources

MoFo contributes to the purchase or rental of breast pumps not otherwise covered by insurance. Costs related to the packaging and shipping of breast milk while traveling for work are also reimbursable. Furthermore, the firm provides resources to enable an attorney to pump in her office.

Employee Assistance Program

MoFo ensures employees have access to a free, confidential service that provides resources before, during, and after leave, including referrals for counselors, child care providers, legal guidance, and financial resources — 24/7.

Back-Up Child Care

Back-up care is available for all of our U.S., London, and Berlin offices at a minimal cost, and can be used up to 20 times per dependent per calendar year.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

Through open enrollment, MoFo employees can elect to contribute pretax funds into an account to be used for dependent care.

Alternative Work Arrangements

U.S.-based lawyers returning to work immediately following a parental leave may elect to work under a reduced-hours arrangement. MoFo’s Guide to a Successful Reduced Hours Arrangement offers best practices for both the reduced-hours attorneys and supervising attorneys working with reduced-hours attorneys.