The EU’s Directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of European Union law (the “Whistleblowing Directive”) is in the process of being implemented into the EU Member States’ national laws. Our team is closely monitoring all developments related to local implementation.

Last Updated: 3 January 2023

Austria – Proposed Bill (German)

Belgium – Law Adopted (French / Dutch)

Bulgaria – Proposed Bill (Bulgarian)

Croatia – Law Adopted (Croatian)

Cyprus – Law Adopted (Greek)

Czech Republic – Proposed Bill (Czech)

Denmark – Law Adopted (Danish)

Estonia – Proposed Bill (Estonian)

Finland – Law Adopted (Finnish / Swedish)

France – Law Adopted (French)

Germany – Proposed Bill (German)

Greece – Law Adopted (Greek)

Hungary – Not available yet

Iceland (EEA country) – Incorporation Status

Ireland Law Adopted (English)

Italy – Proposed Bill (Italian)

Latvia – Law Adopted (Latvian)

Liechtenstein (EEA Country) – Incorporation Status

Lithuania – Law Adopted (Lithuanian)

Luxembourg – Proposed Bill (French)

Malta – Law Adopted (Maltese/English)

Netherlands – Proposed Amendment to Existing Law (Dutch)

Norway (EEA country) – Incorporation Status

Poland – Proposed Bill (Polish)

Portugal – Law Adopted (Portuguese)

Romania – Law Adopted (Romanian)

Slovakia – Proposed Amendment to Existing Law (Slovak)

Slovenia – Proposed Bill (Slovenian)

Spain – Proposed Bill (Spanish)

Sweden – Law Adopted (Swedish)

United Kingdom – Whistleblowing Directive will not be implemented. Find out more about the UK’s Whistleblowing Laws.