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While most law firms provide a formal mentor, Morrison Foerster, through MoFo Navigate, takes a holistic approach to professional growth. Under MoFo Navigate, attorneys are given the right kind of support and guidance at the right points in their careers. By encouraging collaboration and leveraging insight across departments and geography, and over the course of each attorney’s career, MoFo Navigate creates a support system dynamic enough to respond to the changing needs of all of our attorneys as they grow and develop.

MoFo Navigate is also uniquely and specifically designed to promote greater diversity and inclusion. It is overseen by the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion (D+I) Group and trains both mentors and mentees on some of the common root causes of attrition, and how to mentor more effectively across differences. Our global approach is tailored to address the unique needs of our attorneys in each region. For information on mentoring programs, please contact Natalie Kernisant.

MoFo Navigate – United States

As you begin your career, it’s important to find the right mentor. Therefore, every new associate is assigned an associate liaison during the first six months who will:

  • Welcome you to the firm and help you understand the firm’s core values
  • Answer any questions you may have about things like your office, processes and procedures, tools and resources, and the firm more generally
  • Broaden your internal network by introducing you to attorneys from across the firm
  • Help identify your Pathway Mentor

We invite you to learn more about this program from MoFo associate Emmanuel Perez as he discusses his experience in the Associate Liaison Program.

New associates are assigned Pathway mentors. As the associates become more comfortable with their mentors, their associate liaisons will gradually step back, allowing the formal mentorship relationship to take shape.

Your Pathway mentor will:

  • Provide informal training and feedback
  • Introduce you to other attorneys
  • Provide advice regarding things like how to balance your workload and establish development goals
  • Help you prepare for the firm’s annual evaluation process

This relationship is designed to help you integrate into the firm, whether you joined the firm as a first-year associate or a lateral, and will continue through your second year at the firm.

We invite you to learn more about this program from MoFo associate Rebecca Tesfaye as she discusses her experience in the Pathway Mentoring Program.

We offer the opportunity to join mentoring circles. Each mentoring circle is intentionally made up of attorneys from different offices, practice groups, and levels of seniority in hopes of fostering peer, reverse, and traditional forms of mentorship. These cross-office mentoring programs help support the unique growth, integration, and development of our attorneys.

Your AMP mentor is often the same as your Pathway partner mentor, but you will have the opportunity to select another if you prefer. Your AMP partner will:

  • Identify resources and opportunities for your growth and development
  • Help ensure you have a challenging mix of work
  • Assist you in overcoming any practice-related issues you may experience
  • Provide feedback on work product
  • Help you navigate the firm more effectively

This relationship is designed to support your growth and development through partnership, or for as long as you stay at the firm, if you have other goals. This relationship is supported by three custom-designed trainings on mentoring across differences including one for mentees, one for mentors, and one combined workshop.

You can also listen to a recording of a AMP mentor and mentee, MoFo’s Miriam Wugmeister and Melissa Crespo, and hear about the many lessons they have learned from each other.

The Sponsorship Initiative is designed to foster a culture of sponsorship by encouraging frequent communication among leaders across the firm about what effective sponsorship looks like and the inclusivity of practice and departmental pipelines. In particular, The D+I Group, the DSC/WSC co-chairs and Attorney Learning & Development Group work closely with firm leadership to ensure that all attorneys receive meaningful support and sponsorship with an eye toward greater inclusion. These sponsorship relationships are also supported with targeted resources and training opportunities on sponsoring across differences.

We invite you to learn more from MoFo partner Christin Hill as she discusses the importance of sponsorship. 

Even after attorneys are promoted or hired into the partnership, the firm takes an active approach to supporting their successful integration, growth, and development. For new partners, the firm assigns a partner liaison.

Your partner liaison will help:

  • Provide a safe space to ask questions about navigating the partnership from the perspective of a partner
  • Facilitate introductions at the firm
  • Answer questions specifically related to the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

This relationship is designed to support you as you navigate your first year in the partnership.

MoFo Navigate – Offices Outside the United States

Many of the MoFo Navigate programs, including the Associate Liaison Program, the Sponsorship Initiative, the New Diverse and Women Partner Liaison Program and, in most cases, the Pathway Mentoring Program, operate in our offices outside the United States. In offices where the Pathway Mentoring Program has not yet been adopted, plans are underway to institute the program in a way that will best address the needs of newly hired attorneys in those offices. For information on mentoring programs outside the United States, please contact Usha Puri-Dewage (Europe) or Gretchen Debenham Hug (Asia).

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