Belgium has implemented data protection legislation that applies across sectors in Belgium. Companies subject to the law in Belgium should be familiar with all relevant privacy and data security laws or regulations, including those listed below.

National Data Protection Authority - Other Government Agencies

Data Protection Authority

Privacy Law and Regulations

National-Federal Laws and Regulations
Law on the protection of natural persons regarding the processing of personal data, 2018
Law Creating the Data Protection Authority, 2017
Camera Law, 2007
Camera Royal Decree, 2018
DPA Guidance and Forms
Guidance on Direct Marketing, 2020
Monitoring of Electronic Communication Data at the Workplace (2012)
Recordkeeping (2017)
Data Protection Impact Assessments
DPA Tools
Online Form for Notifying the Belgian Data Protection Authority of a Personal Data Breach
Form for Notifying the Begian Data Protection Authority of a Data Protection Officer Appointment
Sectoral Privacy Laws and Regulations
Act of June 13, 2005 on Electronic Communications