Privacy Law and Regulations

National-Federal Laws and Regulations
Personal Data Protection and Processing Act, No. 90, 2018
Rules Nr. 299/2001 on the Security of Personal Data
DPA Rules no. 837/2006 on Electronic Surveillance
Sectoral Privacy Laws and Regulations
Act on Biobanks no. 110/2000
Act on Health Sector Database no. 139/1998
Government Regulation On A Health Sector Database
Act on the Rights of Patients no. 74/1997
Technology, Security and Organisation Terms of the Icelandic Data Protection Commission in Relation to a Health-Sector Database, cf. Act No. 139/1998
Processing Of Medical Data By Pharmaceutical Companies - DPA Q&A
Anti-Spam Laws and Regulations
Act No. 30/2002 On Electronic Commerce And Other Electronic Services