The Internet of Things (IoT) is resulting in interconnected and interdependent markets for connected products and services. We serve as trusted advisors to our clients addressing the full scope of IoT-related issues across industrial, consumer, enterprise, and government applications. We also have decades of experience representing companies across those industries that are at the forefront of developing and commercializing IoT solutions, from consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing, and the life sciences to Cleantech, automotive, and other transportation industries.

In connection with IoT-related matters, we often help clients structure and implement their “go-to-market” strategy, adapting or devising new contractual relationships with the supply chain, distribution channel, and end customers to address the unique requirements of IoT products and services. We also develop, in collaboration with our clients, data governance models tailored to our clients’ specific business objectives relating to data privacy, data security, and data rights more generally.

Often we are asked to advise on related industry-specific regulation, or to help clients navigate the complex intellectual property rights issues relating to interoperable networks of devices. And we counsel clients on the evolving product liability standards applicable to IoT products and services.

Whatever the issues that arise within the IoT space, we are dedicated to helping our clients effectively structure transactions to bring IoT solutions to market in a manner that is focused on the client’s strategic business objectives, while mitigating potential risks. Leading third-party guides to the legal industry have taken notice: we have been recognized as a top firm in the technology space globally, including consistently being named the “Information Technology Law Firm of the Year” by U.S. News/Best Lawyers and Vault’s “#1 Technology Law Firm.” Chambers USA has called us “probably the premier IT practice in the world.”

Meet Our Internet of Things Co-Chairs: